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The major products of our company are glass bottle products.

Our products are mainly used as the glass packing of high-end drinks, such as vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, etc. We are backed up by the largest flower paper manufacturer in northern China, whose paper flower is in full compliance with the U.S. PROP65 standards. In our plant, we are equipped with both automatic and semi-automatic machines, aiming to produce qualified bottles with different technical requirements.

We do not use raw materials with any toxic substances. Especially for export raw materials come from recycled material are not allowed. The plant has 24 hours around-the-clock quality supervision.

Since the construction of our first factory in 1979, we have grown into three modern factories. With our 16 production lines, including automatic and semi-automatic machines, we are always prepared to produce high-end glass vodka bottle, tequila glass bottle, brandy bottle and related glass products in various specifications, or we can produce them according to our customers'specific technical requirements. We can manufacture glass in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and our high white and blue glass material furnace is set to meet the packing demands of both domestic and international beverage and food companies. Moreover, deep processing, professional spraying, pickling, high-low temperature decaling, decorating firing, and silk screen printing are all completed in our factory. We utilize the most advanced spraying equipment in China, and our printing equipment is imported from Italy. Once the manufacturing process has been completed in the first workshop, the whisky, rum, and other glass bottles and glass jars are carefully transferred to other workshops to minimize the rate of breakage, where they undergo the remainder of the production process.

Our company possesses a sophisticated detection system, which has successfully passed the ISO9001 and the ISO14001 quality system certifications. All raw materials used in the manufacturing of our hand painted glass bottle, sealed glass jar, vodka glass bottle, and other products are in full compliance with international standards. In addition to our basic testing equipment, we have also acquired several automatic testing machines from France and the domestic market so that we can upgrade our quality control ability to a highly advanced level. Moreover, our team of specialists carefully monitors each stage of the manufacturing process, and after standard production testing, our glass container products also undergo what we call 'the retest'process in which we conduct a one-by-one comprehensive inspection of all products. Only products which have passed the reexamination are sent to final packaging for delivery. Thanks to our innovative semi-automatic and automatic facilities, as well as our professional quality control staff, we have maintained an excellent quality rating and now have a daily output capability of 3 million pieces.

At We Glass Company, we have a price advantage over other glass manufacturers in the industry, so we are able to offer our high quality glass jar and glass bottle products at competitive prices. One way this is accomplished is by establishing outstanding cooperative relationships with our trusted suppliers. We select only those suppliers that offer the high quality materials at the best prices. In addition, we utilize the most energy-saving technology and equipment available. This allows us to maintain the highest output-input ratio in the industry. Furthermore, our factory is located in Qingdao, Shandong, near the Qingdao Port, one of China's largest ports. This convenient location allows us to greatly reduce transportation costs for us and our clients. Shipment from our factory takes only two hours, further cutting transportation costs and decreasing the risk of breakage during transportation. With our high quality products, our attention to detail, and our economical prices, our vodka glass bottle, tequila glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, and other glass jar and bottle products are now exported around the globe. Our customers are mainly in Europe and the United States. However, we also service the rest of the Americas and Australia, and we look forward to providing our quality glass products to even more international customers.