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  • Whisky Glass Bottle The whisky glass bottle is more traditional compared to other types of wine bottles. The most common type is the round bottle with a bulging neck design. For certain brand its glass bottle may be flat and has a crown cap, which adds the liquor a sense of nobility. In addition to the common designs of such existing famous brands of whisky, we also offer customers with other innovative designs of whisky glass bottle. The capacity is adjustable to customers'requirements.
    Whisky is one of the most distinctive representatives of distilled spirits which ages in the wooden cask after the fermentation and distillation of grains such as barley, rye, corn, etc. It is said that whisky was originally used as a tonic-water of life- by the ancient inhabitants ...
  • Rum Glass BottleOur company uses high-grade crystal as the raw material of rum glass bottle and instills it with boundless imagination. Most glass bottles of rum are of old style, which shows the long history of this spirit, and some of them are new, high material. Like the name "rum", we have some really creative and peculiar designs which have won fervent chase. The most salient characteristic is that they are all printed with the bright, exotic sceneries of tropical islands. The capacity is adjustable to customers'requirements.
    There exists many versions of the how the spirit gets the name "rum''. Some says that it evolves from the word "rumbullion", which means fury or tumult, fitting the hard ...