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We is a Chinese manufacturer of high quality glass bottle and glass jars. We are located in Qingdao, Shandong, which is also home to the largest sea port in northern China. Since our beginning in the glass industry in 1979, we have continued to expand rapidly, as we have maintained our commitment to manufacturing creative and high quality glass containers. In fact, our innovative technologies and manufacturing expertise have made us a leader in the bottle manufacturing industry in East Asia.

However, We Glass Company is more than just a glass supplier. More importantly, we are your partner in helping you find innovative products and effectively positioning your brand in your industry. For instance, we offer end-to-end new product development services utilizing creative concepts and design. We also offer a wide range of bottle colors, sizes, and shapes for vodka, whisky, and other liquor products. In addition to our excellent technical support services, we are available around the clock to provide you complete customer service.

Up to 8% of our sales revenue is devoted toward research and development annually, and this significant investment has been beneficial. It has enabled Abac Glass to introduce simple, functional, and innovative products to the market place and has resulted in our continuous growth in the worldwide market.

At We Glass Company, we can design products according our customers'requirements, and provide them with a free sample, for just the fee of the new product mold. We can also provide customers with production drawings according to their contour map or design concepts. The corresponding SGS detection in response to customers'requirements is also available.

As glass packing is fragile, our cargo is insured before shipment. Damage within 5% is deemed a reasonable range, and damage exceeding 5% is usually filled in the next batch of orders. The delivery cycle depends on the business season and the bottle design itself.

The high quality of our glass products has always been the fundamental element of our company. We take responsibility for the quality of our glass products from their production, packing and shipment, to final delivery.

  • Vodka Glass BottleOur Company is a specialist in manufacturing vodka glass bottle. The material used in our product generally is high-grade crystal, and some individual products are made with pickling effect. In the pickling process, bottles after being eroded by strong sulfuric acid will have white mist of frost, which bring with us the stunning aesthetic effects. As vodka favors cryopreservation, the basic tone of the bottle is usually white, and the frosting effect is often added to the bottle. In addition to its pickling effect and white frosting effect, paper flower design is also available in our company. The vodka glass bottle with flower paper roasted onto the surface is truly a piece of art. The aesthetic design together with the wonderful taste of the fine Vodka is sure to liven up your mood ...
  • Brandy Glass BottleBrandy glass bottle is another proud product of our company. We use high-class crystal as the raw material. The product is usually transparent and has a round, flat or ingot shape, making it suitable to hold. The deep processing contains printing gold logo onto the glass bottle and it is stunningly noble. The capacity of the brandy glass bottle is adjustable to customers'requirements.
    Brandy is the distillation and enrichment product of grape wine, of which Cognac is one of the most famous varieties. However, in broader sense, wine that distilled from fruit wine can all be called brandy, such as apple brandy, cherry brandy, strawberry brandy and Prunus humilis brandy ...