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Custom Color Box

Color box refers to the folding carton and micro-corrugated box, a commodity packaging container, which is made of cardboard and micro-corrugated board material. It is generally used as a mid-range packaging, between the inner packaging and outer box packaging. For glass goods, our company specially launches a series of custom color box with beautiful appearance, reliable quality.

Compared with other types of packaging materials, packaging materials, this custom color box has the characteristics of a wide array of sources of raw materials and lighter features, which can reduce production costs and transportation costs, wining more benefits for you. In addition, it is green pollution-free and can be recycled. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material. At present, through mature technology of screen printing, the printing color box pattern is clear, bright, with a long shelf life, giving a strong visual sense and the desire to buy. Under normal circumstances, we will match the color number of boxes based on the number of custom-designed bottle, and calculate te specific rate of packing to ensure a whole cabinet, which can be installed under the appropriate number of bottles and the box, maximizing the reduction in customer shipping costs.

Color box are designed for 6 bottles of wine a color box, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The specific artwork is made according to customer requirements.

We GLASS is a specialized custom color box manufacturer based in China. Our company also supplies rum glass bottle, tequila glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, whisky glass bottle, etc.

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