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Infusion Glass Jar

If you want to have high-quality, leisure life at home, this infusion glass jar is an indispensable accessory. This glass beverage dispenser is made of high-quality glass and is safe, nontoxic. With a smooth, transparent, crystal-clear look, it is widely adopted to make natural health drinks such as wine, tea, grapefruit, apple vinegar and a variety of tonic with your family or friends.

1. The purely original design of infusion glass jar is a perfect interpretation of the simple but elegant style.
2. The copper faucet of the product eases the outflow of the liquid in the jar. Its combination with the crystal-clean glass and the archaistic stent adds its nobility and extraordinary texture.
3. The sealing lid on top of the infusion glass jar prevents the liquid from volatizing as well as maintaining its freshness. In addition, our product has excellent resistance to acid corrosion, making it competent to contain a wide range of homemade drinks.

Package: separate cartons, safe packaging
Weight: 5000g
Product specification: 245mm*245mm*295mm, 4000ml
Constitution: glass bottle, copper faucet, archaistic stent food-grade rubber stopper.
Note: items in the infusion glass jar are used as props and the actual products do not contain.

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