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Sealed Glass Jar

This series of beautiful and reliable sealed glass jar is an ideal food storage container tailored to customers'wants to store a variety of snacks, rice, dried fruit, tea, candy, coffee, biscuits, cheese and other foods. It is safe, healthy and is of high decorative function.

The sealed glass jar adopts the highly-pure and highly-white food-grade glass as its raw material and has a bright, smooth and crystal-clean appearance. Our advanced molding technology ensures its uniform thickness and smooth mouth without any possible defects such as contorted deformation and cracks. All sealed glass jars are equipped with the 304 stainless steel cap and food-grade plastic inner wrap. When they are sealed, the inner wrap is fastened to the glass jar mouth seamlessly. Due to the considerate design, this glass product is built with superb sealing performance, totally protecting its contents from moisture, oxygen, etc.

Product constitution: glass jar; the 304 stainless steel cover, food-grade plastic inner wrap, enamel firing designs launched for the first time in China.

Note: items in the sealed glass jar are used as props and the actual products do not contain.

As a sealed glass jar manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide various types of products such as tequila glass bottle, infusion glass jar, whisky glass bottle, rum glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, etc.

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    The copper faucet of the product eases the outflow of the liquid in the jar. Its combination with the crystal-clean glass and the archaistic stent adds its nobility and extraordinary texture.
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