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Spice Glass Jar

Our product from this page is sure to add scenery on your table. The spice glass jar is a classic work specifically designed by European masters for storing a variety of solid small particles or powdered condiments. As this handy, practical kitchen accessory can make the addition of spices become more, convenient, accurate and freer, it is widely used in common households. It is made of high-quality glass and features high barrier properties. On the one hand, it prevents the invasion of oxygen and other gases into the condiments; on the other hand, it keeps the volatile components of the condiments from volatilizing into the atmosphere, so that the seasoning will not easily deteriorate. The spice glass jar is equipped with a specialized, delicate incorporation stent which can greatly save the kitchen space. Purchase our products, we will return you a clean, orderly and tidy kitchen.

Product composition: the glass jar; the 304 stainless steel cover; the food-grade PE (Polyethylene) inner wrap; the specialized incorporation stent.

Features of the Spice Glass Jar
1. The spice glass jar has stable chemical properties and is safer compared to similar products made of other materials. It is perfect for containing solid, powered condiments and can be used at will on the table, in the kitchen, or in the roast.
2. The product uses the smooth, shiny and metallic 304 stainless steel cover as its cap. It is more fashionable, solid and can withstand the frequent rotation and twist.
3. The food-grade PE (Polyethylene) inner wrap is not only safe, but also ensures its good sealing performance.

Two-piece Spice Glass Jar

Six-piece Spice Glass Jar

Three-piece Spice Glass Jar

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