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Custom Glass Bottles

Except for the glass jar, we, as a professional glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, also provide you with a series of excellent custom glass bottles to meet your need in all directions. Among them, the lamp craft bottles are true handcrafts. They are all handmade by our professional designers and have the lightness and delicacy built in one successfully. Designs of flowers, birds, insects, fishes, jewelry, candle holders and other types are optional to your preference, which are all vividly and exquisitely carved. The lamp craft bottle helps to build rich art atmosphere and offers customers a visual feast. The other artware of the custom glass bottles, the spray bottle, loses nothing compared with the former one. By adopting advanced spray technology, we print colorful pictures with diverse shapes on the original bottle. You can choose the bottle design at will.

The lamp craft bottle has its unique processing method. In the first place, a glass rod has to be melt by the use of oxygen and liquefied petroleum gas when the spitfire mouth temperature reaches 400°C -800°C. With the help of pliers, blades and other gadgets craftsmen shape the glass to certain moulds. Compared to glass bottles made by automatic or semi-automatic machines, the lamp craft bottle is lighter and saves you large chunks of transportation cost. Due to its craftsmanship, the price is a little higher, and its minimum quantity of order is 5000.

Custom glass bottle cleaning note: to avoid the erosion of sprayed pictures, the spray bottle can not be washed by alcoholic solution; the 1% benzalkonium disinfectant is advisable.

As a China-based custom glass bottles manufacturer, our company also supplies glass jar, packaging products, vodka glass bottle, tequila glass bottle, etc.

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  • Vodka Glass BottleOur Company is a specialist in manufacturing vodka glass bottle. The material used in our product generally is high-grade crystal, and some individual products are made with pickling effect. In the pickling process, bottles after being eroded by strong sulfuric acid will have white mist of frost, which bring with us the stunning aesthetic effects. As vodka favors cryopreservation, the basic tone of the bottle is usually white, and the frosting effect is often added to the bottle. In addition to its pickling effect and white frosting effect, paper flower design is also available in our company. The vodka glass bottle with flower paper roasted onto the surface is truly a piece of art. The aesthetic design together with the wonderful taste of the fine Vodka is sure to liven up your mood ...
  • Tequila Glass BottleGenerally the tequila glass bottle has rather rugged style. We have grotesque ones like skeletons or monstrous animals, or the ancient, rough types. The tequila glass bottle is mainly made for the Mexican and American market and its normal capacity is 750ml. It can also be used for other spirits and the bottle capacity can be adjusted according to customers'requirements.
    Tequila is the representative of Mexican wine. Its raw material is aqave tequilana bulbs, the corm of agave (a plant looks like pineapple). There is a very clear division in tequila. Only the alcohol made from raw material of Tequila district is named as tequila. Others are called Mezal.
    It is after the 1968 Mexican Olympic game that tequila became world-wide famous ...