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  • Hand Painted Glass BottleIn the past, oil and vinegar glass bottle is merely known as a simple, practical and non-decorating kitchen ware. In order to meet market demand, we offer the hand painted glass bottle for containing oil and vinegar. With its colorful appearance, the hand painted oil and vinegar bottle presents before the world that it is not only armed with sound utility and safety performance, it can also serve as an ornament of the kitchen.
    Owing to user-friendly design and our utilization of transparent glass as raw material, the hand painted glass bottle for oil and vinegar offers anti-spilling function and is smooth and transparent. What's really amazing is that its bottle outer surface is painted with hand-drawn ink patterns ...
  • Screen Printing Glass BottleThe screen printing glass bottle is another outstanding representative of the anti-spill oil and vinegar glass bottle family. Made of smooth and transparent glass, it is less likely to tainted with greasy oil and convenient to clean. The modern, fashionable stainless steel mouth design and its food-grade rubber stopper not only ease its control, but also adds to the high hygiene level. Various types of colorful machine embossing pictures are printed on the crystal clean screen printing glass bottle. Undoubtedly it has made the product more of decorative function, and at the same time users can easily distinguish its content. In addition, the assembly line production enables lower cost and lower price than the hand painted glass bottle, making the product an economic choice ...

Oil and vinegar glass bottle is widely used as a convenient and practical kitchenware to contain cooking oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other liquids. Whether it is in the kitchen, on the dining table, or in the barbecue, you can easily sprinkle it to your will. In order to meet market demands, our company has launched a series of advanced leakage-proof oil and vinegar glass bottle. Compared to other materials, our glass bottle is safe, tasteless, non-toxic, good chemical stability, and will not react with substances like oil and vinegar. It is particularly suitable for containing food grade products. The permeability of our product also makes it easy for users to observe its content.

The really exciting and stunning part about our oil and vinegar glass bottle is its unique characteristics. Compared with similar products, our products have many advantages. The shape of the oil and vinegar bottle is smooth, so it is easy to clean and free from the greasy oil taint. The stainless steel spill mouth design, for instance, not only makes the product look modern, it can effectively avoid the leakage of liquid in the bottle outer surface, wasting no ingredients as well as keeping the surface clean. Moreover, the small clamshell design on the top of the nozzle isolates it from dust and makes the use faster and more convenient. It is indeed all those considerate designs that have made our bottles the ideal choice for kitchen utility.

Note: customized specification can be provided. Do not hesitate to enjoy our thoughtful customer services.

Specification of the Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle
Package: color box, 117mm*62mm*316mm
Weight: 1200g
Single product specification: 58mm*58mm*315mm, 500ml
Constitution: glass bottle, stainless steel spill mouth, food-grade rubber stopper

As a major oil and vinegar glass bottle manufacturer in China, we also provide wine glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, sealed glass jar, whisky glass bottle, etc.

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