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Wine Glass Bottle

Our Company has introduced a new series of ordinary wine glass bottle to fulfill the specific requirements of common customers. Once it was launched, it is warmly received in the market because of its economy and fine quality.

Unlike the Vodka glass bottle, this series of wine glass bottle uses green material as its raw material. It takes the traditional shape of small mouth and round body. The elegant design requires no deep processing, adding its simplicity as well as serving as a guarantee to its economic price. Though the cost is reduced greatly and the price is much lower, the performance of the glass wine bottle can never be underestimated. This series of wine bottle features a lot of traits such as smooth, transparent, easy to clean, chemically- stable, pollution-free to the contents, high air tightness and excellent storage ability. As the wine glass bottle is mainly used for the storage of wine, the alcohol in it is a solvent and can easily react with lead, aluminum and other metals. To safeguard the quality of the drinks, we specially avoid using raw materials containing those substances. All the selected materials are high-quality lead-free and aluminum-free glasses, ensuring our glass wine bottle a more secure container compared with others. In addition, the bottles can be repeatedly recycled.

We have complete optional specifications for our ordinary wine glass bottle from 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml. The typical types in Europe are 500ml and 700ml, in America and Australia they are 750ml and 1000ml. The capacity of the glass wine bottle can be specifically adjusted to customers’ requirements.

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  • Hand Painted Glass BottleIn the past, oil and vinegar glass bottle is merely known as a simple, practical and non-decorating kitchen ware. In order to meet market demand, we offer the hand painted glass bottle for containing oil and vinegar. With its colorful appearance, the hand painted oil and vinegar bottle presents before the world that it is not only armed with sound utility and safety performance, it can also serve as an ornament of the kitchen.
    Owing to user-friendly design and our utilization of transparent glass as raw material, the hand painted glass bottle for oil and vinegar offers anti-spilling function and is smooth and transparent. What's really amazing is that its bottle outer surface is painted with hand-drawn ink patterns ...
  • Screen Printing Glass BottleThe screen printing glass bottle is another outstanding representative of the anti-spill oil and vinegar glass bottle family. Made of smooth and transparent glass, it is less likely to tainted with greasy oil and convenient to clean. The modern, fashionable stainless steel mouth design and its food-grade rubber stopper not only ease its control, but also adds to the high hygiene level. Various types of colorful machine embossing pictures are printed on the crystal clean screen printing glass bottle. Undoubtedly it has made the product more of decorative function, and at the same time users can easily distinguish its content. In addition, the assembly line production enables lower cost and lower price than the hand painted glass bottle, making the product an economic choice ...