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Rum Glass Bottle

Our company uses high-grade crystal as the raw material of rum glass bottle and instills it with boundless imagination. Most glass bottles of rum are of old style, which shows the long history of this spirit, and some of them are new, high material. Like the name "rum", we have some really creative and peculiar designs which have won fervent chase. The most salient characteristic is that they are all printed with the bright, exotic sceneries of tropical islands. The capacity is adjustable to customers'requirements.

About the Name
There exists many versions of the how the spirit gets the name "rum''. Some says that it evolves from the word "rumbullion", which means fury or tumult, fitting the hard drink quite fine. Some insists that the word comes from "rummer", a type of drink ware used by Dutch sailors. There is even an English story concerning the name. In 1745, British Admiral Vernon found his soldiers suffering from scurvy, so he ordered the soldiers to drink the new drink in the West Indies instead of drinking beer. The disease happened to get cured. In order to thank him, the soldiers called Vernon "the Old Rum''(as "rum''means eccentric), and the beverage they drank "Rum''.

Rum is also known as firing alcohol, or its nickname "the alcohol of pirates", because the rampant pirates in the Caribbean had a special preference for rum.

Production of Rum
The origin of rum traces back to ancient times when thousands years ago people in China and India began to make wine from sugar cane juice. And some even maintain that the wine "brum''by Malaysians is the prototype of modern rum. In fact, rum is brewed after the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane juice.

Indeed, we owe thanks to Columbus, the man who discovered the new continent in the 16th century, for the invention of rum. Afterwards, large numbers of sugar cane were planted in the West Indies to produce sugar. The by-product of extracted sugar cane was called "molasses''and was sent to be distilled with the sugar cane juice. Due to the rough facility at that time, wine produced in this way was of poor quality and was only drunk by slaves, and their masters drank wine instead. The distillation technology was gradually upgraded and the alcohol was stored in wood casks before being used for drink. They blend the alcohol with water and filled it into the exquisite, crystal rum glass bottles. Thus the tasteful, refreshing modern rum appeared.

Places of Rum and Famous Brands of Rum
Places to produce rum scatter around the world. They are West Indies of the Western Hemisphere, the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Brazil and other countries. In addition, the African island of Madagascar is also a producer of rum.

There are also large varieties of rum. Among them, Bacardi, Bambu Rum, Barbancourt, Brugal, Captain Morgan, Appleton Estate, Havana Club, Stroh, Matusalem, Mount Gay, Bundaberg, Myers, Malibu Rum, Gosling's, Cruzan, Pusser's, Flor de Ca?a, Don Q, Coruba, Old Monk, Sailor Jerry, and Ron Zacapa Centenario are the most famous brands. The Bacardi/Havana Club is exactly the source of Hemingway Daiquiri mentioned in the clip.

As a specialized rum glass bottle manufacturer in China, the We GLASS also offers custom color box, tequila glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, whisky glass bottle, etc.

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