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Whisky Glass Bottle

The whisky glass bottle is more traditional compared to other types of wine bottles. The most common type is the round bottle with a bulging neck design. For certain brand its glass bottle may be flat and has a crown cap, which adds the liquor a sense of nobility. In addition to the common designs of such existing famous brands of whisky, we also offer customers with other innovative designs of whisky glass bottle. The capacity is adjustable to customers'requirements.

Introduction of Whisky
Whisky is one of the most distinctive representatives of distilled spirits which ages in the wooden cask after the fermentation and distillation of grains such as barley, rye, corn, etc. It is said that whisky was originally used as a tonic-water of life- by the ancient inhabitants of Ireland to eliminate fatigue and has a sweeter taste. In general, whisky has a unique aroma, which is said to be the combination of the sherry flavor plus the red fruit of the cedar.

Around the world, it has tremendous origins of production and their manufacturing methods and glass bottle packing are also not identical. Whisky is very popular, and the sale of it is huge.

Whiskey is usually drunk with ice and soda water to lessen its strong, acrid taste. Large amounts of carbon dioxide rush out of the cold alcohol and reach the nasal cavity. It feels like the way you burp after drinking a lot of cold beer, but the smell is more fragrant and is particularly comfortable.

The Diversification of Whisky
By its raw material, whisky can be divided into Malt (including both the Scotch and the Irish whisky), Bourbon and Corn. However, it is more prevalent to classify whisky by the production places.

1. The Scotch whisky
The Scottish whisky is a worldwide famous product of Scotland. Its raw material, the barley malt, has a unique fragrance after it has been dried and baked by peat. It is usually aged for 10 years or longer, though some ages for only 8 years. The Scotch whisky has its distinctive style. The alcohol is crystal clear with pale-brown and red color in it, and has a strong burning, smoky flavor. Famous brands of the Scottish whisky include Johnnie walker black label, Chivas Regal, Old Parr, and Something Special.

2. The Irish whisky
The Irish whisky is brewed from barley, oats and other cereals as raw materials. After its three distillations, it is aged in the cask for 8 to 15 years. The style is close to the Scotch whisky, except that there is no smoke of the burning smell in the Irish whisky. The Irish whisky is soft and suits for mixing with other drinks. The familiar brands of this genre are John Jameson& son, Powers, Old bushmills and Tullamore dew.

3. The Canadian whisky.
Canada began to produce whiskey in the mid-18th century, when the only production is rye whiskey which has a rather acrid taste. After the 19th century Canada began to produce whiskey made from corn. It is steamed, stored, blended and bottled under the management of the Government of Canada and has a lighter flavor. The barrel aging time is 4-10 years. The main brands contain Canadian Club, Seagram's and Crown Royal.

4. The American whisky
Although America has only a history of more than 200 years, because their major immigrants were from Europe, they had brought with them the brewing techniques. The name bourbon whisky comes from its production site Bourbon, a place in Kentucky, the United States. Bourbon whiskey is made from corn and barley after fermentation and distillation, and usually ages for 2-4 years, no more than eight years. Its representative products are Four roses, Old granddad, Jim beam and Wild Turkey.

Our company is equipped with advanced automatic and semi-automatic machines. All whisky glass bottle designs of those famous brands are optional. Innovative manufacturing to your own preference is also available.

As a China-based whisky glass bottle manufacturer, we also provide spice glass jar, vodka glass bottle, tequila glass bottle, brandy glass bottle, etc.

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