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Brandy Glass Bottle

Brandy glass bottle is another proud product of our company. We use high-class crystal as the raw material. The product is usually transparent and has a round, flat or ingot shape, making it suitable to hold. The deep processing contains printing gold logo onto the glass bottle and it is stunningly noble. The capacity of the brandy glass bottle is adjustable to customers'requirements.

Introduction of Brandy
Brandy is the distillation and enrichment product of grape wine, of which Cognac is one of the most famous varieties. However, in broader sense, wine that distilled from fruit wine can all be called brandy, such as apple brandy, cherry brandy, strawberry brandy and Prunus humilis brandy.

A liter of brandy is the concentration and distillation of about 8 liters of grape wine. The newly distilled wine is almost colorless, but when it is stored in oak barrels, the oak pigment will dissolve in the wine, forming a brown color. The longer the storage time, the deeper the color is. As brandy with color is more popular, nowadays manufacturers often use caramel to add color to the spirit. Today liquor bottled in fine, exquisite glass bottles are sold well around the world. Not only the distinct and acrid flavor attracts customer, but also the characteristic brandy glass bottle makes people chase after the spirit.

Brandy gets its name from Dutch "Brandewijn", meaning "the burnt wine''. Its invention is an interesting story. Back in the 16th century, Netherland is a major country of sea transportation that transported wine from France to England. As the two countries were engaged in a war, the maritime traffic was frequently interrupted. To save the cost and the large storage space of grape wine, the Dutch distilled and concentrated the wine, intending to blend water into it for sale after arrival at the destination. Surprisingly they found that the distilled wine was more popular than the original product. And the longer the storage time, the mellower the taste of the wine was. A new brand of wine thus emerged--Brandy.

The best places to manufacture brandy concentrate in France. They are the Cognac district of Charente province and the Armagnac district of Gers province. In these places, there are ages-old traditional wineries that have vintage, fine wine used for blending. Naturally, the price is often expensive. Worldwide known brands like Hennessy, Martell, Hine, Remy Martin, Louis Royer, Bisquit are all the proud representatives of the Cognac district. It is really endearing that one holds a fine Cognac glass bottle, pours the wine into a delicate glass cup, and has a sip of it while enjoying the warm sunshine.

Our company is proud to announce that we are able to manufacture all artistic brandy glass bottle designs of those famous brands.

We GLASS is a professional brandy glass bottle manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including sealed glass jar, whisky glass bottle, rum glass bottle, vodka glass bottle, etc.

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