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Tequila Glass Bottle

Generally the tequila glass bottle has rather rugged style. We have grotesque ones like skeletons or monstrous animals, or the ancient, rough types. The tequila glass bottle is mainly made for the Mexican and American market and its normal capacity is 750ml. It can also be used for other spirits and the bottle capacity can be adjusted according to customers'requirements.

Introduction of Tequila
Tequila is the representative of Mexican wine. Its raw material is aqave tequilana bulbs, the corm of agave (a plant looks like pineapple). There is a very clear division in tequila. Only the alcohol made from raw material of Tequila district is named as tequila. Others are called Mezal.

It is after the 1968 Mexican Olympic game that tequila became world-wide famous. And its proud Margarita helps to make tequila chased around the globe.

Tequila, gin, vodka, rum, whisky are branded as the five base wines. According to the storage methods and maturity can be bottled in one of three categories:
1. The White Tequila, also known as transparent or silver tequila, features a strong smell of the grass
2. The Gold Tequila, also known as Tequila Reposado, gets the name because it changes to golden color when it becomes mature in a bucket after distillation. Basically gold tequila has to be stored in the barrel for at least 2 months before they can be drank.
3. Aged Tequila: or Tequila Axejo (in Spanish "Axejo''means "aged" or "vintage''), aged a minimum of one year. The long-time storage in the barrel has diluted the strong taste to a very gentle and refreshing taste similar to Brandy.

Production of Tequila
The agave plant has to go through ten to twelve years to become mature and its gray-blue leaves can be as long as 10 feet long. In its maturity, it looks like a giant tulip. Tequila manufacturers cut off the outer leaves of the agave and take out the "Pinal" (ie pineapple), for its spiny fruit is much resembles to a huge pineapple, the biggest of which can weigh up to hundred and fifty pounds. The fruit is full of sweet, sticky syrup. They then boil the Pinal to concentrate sweet juice and let the starch convert to sugars. The cooked Pinal is sent to another machine to squeeze juice. After the fermentation when the alcohol concentration has reached 80 degrees the distillation begins.

The tequila is distilled in the copper single distillation for two times. The liquor which ages outside the barrel is the White Tequila and it has rather acrid taste. The alcohol which has been stored in the oak cask for at least two month is called the Gold tequila, which gets itself a pale amber color and the brandy flavor. Finally the tequila that has been aged in the barrel for more than one year is the Tequila Axejo.

Different type of tequila uses different glass packing and the tequila glass bottle has to be in pair with the flavor of the alcohol. Our company provides customers with professional and innovative bottle design. A simple glance at the bottle of tequila is a visual feast, let alone to have a shot of it.

Ways to drink
In Mexico, they have a traditional way to drink tequila and it requires certain techniques. The drinker first pours the salt on the jaw of death, hold a small cup of pure tequila with his thumb and forefinger, and use the ring finger and middle finger to clip a slice of lemon. Then the salt is licked off the hand, the tequila is drunk, and the lemon slice is quickly bitten. The whole process is quite smooth and both the flavor and the drinking techniques do worth commendation. Watch at the distinctive glass bottle of tequila, feel the subtlety of the spirit, you may have the illusion as if you are in the heaven.

In addition, the tequila is also suitable for iced pure drink or drinking mixed with ice. Its unique flavor makes it an ideal choice for the modulation of various cocktails

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